exa v0.9.0


  • Icon support with --icons (9497b30)
  • New sort options .name and .Name which ignore a leading dot (a156d96)
  • Support TIME_STYLE environment variable (9917810)
  • New option to only display directories, --only-dirs (054cac6)
  • Support 24-bit colours (dc2009a)
  • Display if a file is ignored by Git (80b0d9d)


  • Replace the mi colour with bO overlay colour (59d9e90)
  • Pre-release versions have their build number shown (c7497f3)
  • Add --classify to man page (9c77a95)
  • Highlighting for file types .zst (5fae489), Bazel and Ant (c635031), .ts (e711dbc), .m4v (9b446c0), and .jpf (9916742)
  • Create worker threads only once for performance (8cbde76)


  • Allow zero-padded numbers in $LS_COLORS (afc9657, ce3f05c)
  • Make non-uppercase README files immediate (d9c9dbe)
  • Highlight README~ as temporary, not immediate (57e4c08)
  • Use more accurate time to fix inconsistent sorting (649744d)
  • Prevent infinite loop with -aaR (e936d7e)
  • Fix panic in certain timezones (9f76f94 and this fix)
  • Fix sorting by created time (faed8f9)
  • Fix Git status not working for paths containing ../ (f1a5b64)