exa v0.7.0


  • Display device IDs when listing block or character devices (ef5fa90)
  • Display the sticky/setuid/setgid bits in permissions (110613b)
  • Allow --all --all to display the . and .. directory entries (5cd7609)
  • Allow --sort=type to sort by file type: file, directory, link, pipe, device (f750536)
  • Add the --time-style option to use the ISO format for timestamps (690aa21)


  • Don’t look up things like time zones or locale information when those columns won’t be displayed (9723612)
  • Similarly, don’t buffer the entire table before printing it out when not in grid-details view (fc60838)
  • Make the help text like 1% faster to display (763e833)


  • Actually display the error when recursing into a directory fails in tree view (f4ddbf3)
  • Fix crash when given invalid UTF-8 arguments (de60b95)
  • Fix bug where files’ accessed times (atime) were actually modified times (mtime)! (5bdf630)
  • Fix bug where the presence of the COLUMNS environment variable made exa always use colours (84b01f2)