exa v0.6.0


  • Add the --classify option (e81b83b)
  • Add .cr2 as image type (8ac68f9)
  • Non-printable characters in file names are now escaped (3ebc225, 609bafe)
  • Add completions for bash, zsh, and fish (897d6ff)


  • Don’t prepend symlink paths to link targets (f8624ed)
  • Turn off the Git networking features, meaning exa does not require OpenSSL, making it smaller and easier to compile (08bc2e3)
  • Change --help and --version to return exit code 0 (510d2f7)
  • Lots and lots of Makefile changes
  • The usual amount of internal restructuring


  • Fix bugs where files with two components, and . and .., were not displayed (a28bd8f, dd63774)
  • Handle locales with 4-character-wide short month names (ce8a2e7)
  • Fix bug where cell width wasn’t being calculated (0828133)