exa v0.5.0


  • Add case-insensitive sorting with --Name and --Ext (note the caps) (8805ce9, 3e9616c)
  • Recognise pipes, devices, and sockets on systems where they’re avaliable (a9bb275)
  • Add ability to ignore globs (9559629)
  • Add option to colour file sizes on a scale (0ffb331, 86065f8)


  • Improved help text (edeec0f, b35927f, 7e15e0d)
  • Use the time zone data present on the system, rather than the perpetually-outdated versions compiled with exa (ee4c09d)
  • Print files’ paths if they had paths when passed in as arguments (9b87ef1)
  • Highlight cryptographic file types (45c93b1)
  • Error messages now go to stderr (8d25719)
  • Stop printing a header for zero files (a7e3456)
  • The usual amount of internal restructuring.
  • Lots and lots of upgrades to newer Rust versions.


  • Allow Details view to be used, even if the terminal has no width (1756a0a)
  • Compilation fixes for ARM (734c508)
  • Compilation fixes for FreeBSD (b9eb364)
  • Fix bug where files were shown to not have extended attributes (4c32663)
  • Fix bug where files weren’t being sorted correctly in Details view (f6c5c89)
  • Fix bug where the directory name above a list of files was not printed (f35d28d)