exa v0.2.0


  • Add missing sort-by-date options. You can now also sort by ‘modified’, ‘created’, and ‘accessed’. (a4e1719)
  • Add extended attribute support. (ce23c63)
  • Add --level option to limit depth of recursion and tree view. (f505bdc)
  • Add --group-directories-first option. (ff1f6d0)
  • Add --version command. (67f60e6)


  • Change date format to mimic ls. (0082563)
  • Numerous small optimisations and fixes.


  • Use the width of the file name in the grid view, instead of its length. The width handles multibyte UTF-8 characters and filenames with combining diacritics correctly. (43e8061)
  • Fix getting Git status while in a subdirectory. (6e19563)
  • Fix displaying UIDs and GIDs that are over 231. (38a7854)
  • Fix panic when previewing symlink to . or .. or or /. (1da1142)
  • Fix missing /s in symlink targets. (ef58c30)