exa v0.10.1


(No new features, as this is a patch release.)


  • Change the way the “ignored” status is aggregated for directories, so directories containing ignored files no longer look like the directory itself is ignored (bd4f144)
  • Change the icon for TeX files to a “T” (e3e776a)
  • Display the classification character (such as `/` for directories) at the end of symlink targets (dbd11d3)
  • Display more helpful error messages when a number in a command-line option or environment variable fails to be parsed (550f2d2)


  • Fix thousand separators not being displayed in file sizes (550f2d2)
  • Fix `$EXA_GRID_ROWS` displaying the wrong size table in certain situations (550f2d2)
  • Fix month name not following locale when a file’s date is in the current year (3a8005c)