exa v0.10.0


  • The --time flag now defaults to modified without an argument (36cf5df)
  • Add options to hide table columns (925f517)
  • Add customisation settings to change the size colour scale (3ef6195)
  • Add flag for octal permissions (16046d5)
  • Add environment variable for icon spacing (51be9f4)
  • Add --numeric flag to display UIDs and GIDs. (4ea79ee)


  • Make single-digit hour times zero-padded (1bf9e39)
  • Include symlinks to directories when grouping directories first (69a7e53)
  • Do not sort command-line arguments when --sort=none (bbd6db3)
  • Warn when trying to use the Git feature when it’s disabled (a740512)
  • Sort the command-line arguments (2708360)
  • Allow absolute paths in $TZ environment variable (57cf0f1)
  • Escape the delete character in filenames (b5b7310)
  • Symlinks to directory now use the ‘directory’ icon. (0a7ffcd)


  • Fix bug where icons weren’t displayed when file grid wraps (dd9dfff)
  • Fix bug where the wrong file timestamp was being used (215b779)
  • Fix crash on broken symlink in Git repository (a7a8e99)
  • Fix bug where long grid view didn’t turn into long view when piping. (6010ed5)
  • Fix handling of potentially-unsupported time metadata. (a636d08)
  • Fix .gitignore parsing by using libgit2 instead of doing it ourselves. (046af5c)
  • Fix crash on encountering a pre-Unix-epoch timestamp. (bc830b9)
  • Fix display of August in timestamps. (3fe35b5)
  • Fix inverted space colour of icons when selecting them. (79bac41)
  • Fix extra column in long grid mode. (0f414cf)
  • Fix rounding of human-readable filesizes. (74ecf6d)